Estimating the size of Pakistan's IT industry

Head Value Enter your own value
Systems Revenue per Employee (annualized) $25,182 $25,182
Industry Revenue per Employee Discount
(between 0 and 1)
Share of Exports in Sector's Total Revenue
(between 0 and 1)
Total Tech Employment* 600,000
Industry Revenue per Employee $12,591
Total IT Sector Earnings $7,554,450,839
Total Exports $5,288,115,587
Documented Exports $2,600,000,000 $2,600,000,000
Undocumented Exports $2,688,115,587

Source: Systems Limited Quarterly Financials, P@SHA Salary Survey, Labour Force Survey 2017-18, State Bank of Pakistan. Note: Methodology explained in the article.

*As per the Labour Force Survey of 2017-18, Pakistan's tech sector actually employed 340,600 people so that is the true lower bound for the model.

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